Eat more humans.

What? Didn't your read the post title? What fucking more can we add? Alright... we did some shit and a few things and fixed that other thing, installed a whatever and decided on another possibility of an eventual contemplation. Somehow we will prevail despite our mental deficiencies. Oh fuck, I just had a think about a thing. We forgot to make a gallery with the stuff for the things. We'll get right on it. Right after we eat these mussshhhhhrooooooooooooooooms.

This site sucks (like your mom) and we couldn't care less. Links are dead, the last post sucked, this post sucks and is totally not informative whatsoever. Who even reads this shit anyway? You? Ha, you suck and mean nothing to us. Did we hurt your dumb feelings? Shame on you for having them. You need to dull your senses more and not care about the things and the stuff. Slide motha fucker. We watch you pee in the dark... shhh....

We're considering doing some stuff soon. Right now we're going to focus on how funny it is that "doing" should be read as "doy-ing". That makes us laugh at your mom. She sucks big Indian cock, like casino Indian... fuck can we say that kind of shit anymore? Fuck yeah? We're stupid cartoons... or something. We're not real, just some thing that happened. You looked at it. Why?

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